Story 08: Worlds After

CONTENT WARNING: Strong language and thematic elements.

Twenty years after an apocalyptic storm left the world in ruins, a mysterious scientist wanders into the small settlement of Holy Cross, Alaska. There he finds a reluctant ally in a brilliant young tavern-girl, but finds that friendship tested when the truth about who he is — and what he's done — comes out.

This story features Bohdi Silva as Tony, Michael Dostrow as Doc, Lesley-Anne Hoxie as Harper, Charles Scatolini as Howell, Jesse Steele as Teagan, Jeff Frome as Bryon, with Marcy Murray and Juliana Olinka Jones as the scientists. Original music was composed by Jesse Haugen ( with violin solos by Hector Gonzales, the Homestead on the Corner theme was composed by Lauren Baker, and the closing credits were "Good for Goodness" by Brittain Ashford (

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