Homestead on the Corner presents Tales of the Echowood, a 10-Part Fantasy Anthology Podcast from the creators of The Sheridan Tapes.


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CONTENT WARNING: Depictions of drought and famine, themes of climate change, xenophobia, and isolationism, deep rumbling noises including earthquakes, some frightening elements.


When a traveler stumbles through a strange archway of stone and wood and magic, they find themselves on the threshold of an inn in the heart of an ancient forest. Inside, they find an ancient sprite who gives them a tale... the story of how the door which brought them into the Echowood was made, and the desperation and deception that built it. But as his story unfolds, it becomes clear that not all is as it seems with Grael, and a deeper mystery begins to take shape.


Starring Sam Taylor as Grael, with original music by Jesse Haugen. Written and produced by Trevor Van Winkle, and made possible by our supporters on Kickstarter,, and Executive produced by Axel Allcock.


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"Dark Emptiness" elements created by jalastram (, Licensed under Creative Commons (CC 3.0 Unported:

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